Our process is a simple 7 steps. You can watch the video and then click on each step to learn more.

Step 1 - Phone/Email Consultation

We start with a Free *no initial charge* consultation. We will discuss your requirements for your web site and determine if we can create and deliver in your requested time frame. Please click here and fill in the QUESTIONNAIRE form.

Step 2 - Contract Signed, Retainer Paid and Start Date

Based on our consultation, We will email you a contract to read, sign, and return to us. You also pay a non-refundable retainer before we can begin Step 3. The retainer pays for the web site design, initial page build, and to reserve a block of time. The start date is also agreed upon in this step.

Step 3 - Web site Design

We will create an overall design layout for you based on our consultation. We will send you the overall design to accept or edit, or we can start over with a different web site design. One design revision is included in the price if needed.

Step 4 - Design Acceptance

You accept the overall design via email (Style, Colors, #Pages). Once the design has been accepted we will begin Step 5. Any changes to the web site design after you have given approval may incur extra charges.

Step 5 - Web site Build

We will begin creating the pages of your web site. We must have your content (text, photos, logos, menus etc) in order to build these pages. The text should be sent in electronic format, either a Word document or in the body of an email, edited and proofread. Photos should be web ready (jpg format). If there is a delay in the receipt of content, you will still be responsible for making your final payment even if the web site development is still in progress. If payment is not received by the due date, work on the web site will stop until payment, including late fees, is made.

Step 6 - Web site Testing and Review

We will perform browser and device testing in this step. You will review all of the pages, menus, functions of the site for errors or revisions. We will make any corrections needed. Once you are satisfied with the web site you will provide a final sign off.

Step 7 - Final Sign off, Payment and Moving Web site

After testing and review you will provide a final sign off on the completed web site. The final payment is required after you provide final sign off or 30 days after the start date of the project whichever comes first. Once the web site has final sign off and payment made, the web site is moved to your server.